West University Place is one of a few cities in the United States that can connect a resident’s security alarm directly to the police and fire departments. But West U is the 1st—and only—city that connects through a system called DirectLink.


DirectLink is a special security program only available to West U residents.




This site has DirectLink to the West University Police and Fire Departments sign - Call 713-668-0330

Enhanced Call Verification

Most 3rd-party alarm services follow a time-consuming procedure called Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) for police dispatches. ECV reduces false alarms by as much as 25-50%, but it takes time. “ECV burns up precious time and keeps us from responding instantly, the way we do with DirectLink,” said West University Place Police Chief Ken Walker.

ECV requires the alarm service to verify the alarm activation by making a minimum of two phone calls to two different responsible parties’ telephone numbers before contacting the police or fire department.

Police officers talking with children and adults
How Does It Work?
DirectLink sends an alarm signal from a residence or business directly to the City’s Emergency Dispatch Center, which forwards it to the correct responder—the West U Fire or Police Department. Without DirectLink, the security alarm signal notifies a 3rd-party company that sends it on, and dispatch is delayed by critical seconds. Or longer.
The 1st verification call goes to the location where the alarm originated. If contact cannot be made, the service has to make a 2nd call to a different number. There are no extra steps with Direct Link, because it is the fastest route to our Emergency Dispatch Center.

Subscription Costs

A subscription to DirectLink includes a yard sign and window decals to warn potential criminals that your alarm has a DirectLink to the West University Place Police and Fire departments. The cost is $35.00 a month added to your monthly utility bill and a contract is not required.

For More Information

Forms and additional information are available by clicking the link in the left hand column or here. Or contact DirectLink by email or 713-662-5860.